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Email to/from the site, and new contact form
« on: May 27, 2015, 07:52:04 PM »
Please note that a new "Contact" option have been added to the main menu of the forum.

This is to provide an easy way for anybody to notify the forum management team if you have problems registering, or logging in to the forum (forgotten password etc.), or even for general help requests.  If the Contact option is clicked, you will be presented with a contact form that must be completed in full, and the contents will be forwarded on to the management team for attention. 

We introduced this option, as the contact address that was displayed for contact purposes have been harvested and thus overrun by spammers.  This mail account has now been completely discontinued.

If you do not receive forum emails or Personal Message notifications, and you have content filters and/or whitelisting on your mail account, please make sure to allow email from , as notifications will now originate from this address.

Kindly do not post anybody's email address or other contact details directly on this forum (or on other forums/blogs for that matter) - even if well intentioned.  Unfortunately the "dark side" of Internet users will abuse this.  On MEM, rather use the Personal Messaging system for exchanging contact details.  As MEM is non-commercial, and advertising-free, there should be very little, if any, need to publicly share such information.  Should you feel you have a valid reason for publicly sharing contact details, please notify one of the moderators or administrators with details.

Kind regards, Arnold

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