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Roger B:
Thank you all for your support  :)  :)

I don't think I can do much more with this version of this engine. The throttle response is excellent, I will also make some load trials to compare with the best carburettor version which may require a better radiator.

I am not yet happy with the twin. I think that the wedge stroke adjuster has too much mass/inertia for the speed range. The rack pieces are to make a smaller version of the helix control pump I am using on the diesel so I ca see if that will work better  :thinking: The biggest problem may be that the injected volume is 1/4 the volume of the horizontal so the pump working stroke is around 0.15-0.2mm. I am looking at a 1.5mm bore pump but that changes every component on the way  :headscratch:  ::)


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