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Roger B:
The two cylinder engine ran better with the improved delivery valve so I had a look at the horizontal engine. There was a fuel leak past the delivery valve with only 0.8 bar from the fuel feed pump.

I removed and dismantled the pump. There was a significant amount of rusty clag in the inlet port and delivery valve, probably due to the high moisture content of the cooking alcohol I used to use for trials. After lapping the delivery valve seat I cleaned it all in the ultrasonic bath and reassembled, replacing the delivery valve spring as there were signs of corrosion  ::)

Roger B:
Seems to run well  :) 1000-4000 rpm

Wow!  I'll say!  That runs GREAT, Roger!   :ThumbsUp: :popcorn:

You have a daunting number of experiments, time, and effort into this!  What's your next step?  Are you satisfied?  Or is this still just one more step in your road toward perfection? :)


Outstanding.  Congratulations Roger, this has been such an impressive project.  It runs beautifully.


So now you have two engines running great with your system   :praise2:   :praise2:

I was almost thinking that you really had it all nailed until I realized that this is also running on petrol right now ....

Are all the rack bits for the diesel injector ?


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