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--- Quote ---One tires of building model engines after a bit and I've always wanted to experiment with building model artillery - especially those of the WWI/WWII era. Sadly, plans for such are very difficult to find but, after raising a plea, Jim Hannum was kind enough to send along plans from a war era magazine. Many thanks to Jim for making this project possible.
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One excellent source for accurate WWII British naval armament drawings is His drawings are from original B.R. manuals and manufacturers drawings. His drawings are featured in many articles and books including the stellar Naval Weapons of World War II. has operation manuals for many of US naval armaments of WWII.

I have long dreamt of building small models of some of these, not firing of course. Perhaps actions cycling with compressed air though, would be a good challenge. My interest started when my dad built a model of HMCS Athabaskan for the Canadian War Museum. We have HMCS Haida nearby so getting measured details for some artillery is not too difficult.


Fantastic model! Having a big interest in military ordnance I'd love to be able to make a model like this at some point in the future.

Chris J:

Wonderfull work.


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