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Need to turn a taper and turn down a piece of .375 303 SS. Someone help me figure out about what RPM I need to spin my lathe with Carbide tooling, also a piece of 304 same size.

thanks matt

I'm coming up with like 5800 rpm?????????????

Matt, I come up with something around 2800 for SS using carbide based on a .375 diameter. Feed rate would be .003-.006 per rev.

RPM= [cutting speed (fpm) x 12] / 3.1416 x dia. The range of cutting speeds I found was 240-300 fpm. so if you usr the midpoint of say 275 fpm you get.

RPM = (275*12)/ (3.1416*.375)= 2801 rpm.

The abbreviated formula of RPM= cutting speed x 4/ dia would give you 2933.  Honestly both seem a bit fast to me but a lot will depend on your equipment. Cutting a taper your dia will be a max of .375 too so once you get into the taper that would suggest even a higher RPM for the smaller end of the taper. The trick will be the feed rate since I assume you will be using the compound feed and advancing it by hand rather than a known feed rate setting on the lathe. Hope that helps some.


Thanks, thats all good, but my little 9x19 only will crank out 2000 rpm.


OK, I just opened my package from Mc Carr, and I got a stick of 304, and a stick of 303. Of course there are no markings on either stick. A couple of the parts I need to make require some Tig welding at the end, so thats why I went with some 304. Will I be able to tell by how the 2 sticks machine to tell them apart? Or is there any other way to tell the 2 apart quickly?



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