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Threading Oil
« on: August 01, 2012, 01:30:45 AM »
I hope  this is the appropriate place for this, but if not, feel free to move it.  I typically use a heavier threading oil for tapping holes or cutting outside threads and being somewhat prone to clumsiness at times I found the rather tall plastic bottle of oil  (smallest quantitry available) hard to use and constantly pouring a small amount into the bottle cap and  then emptying it back into the bottle made a runny mess down the side of the bottle.  What I did  was to repurpose an empty small 2 cycle oil container (2.6 0z. IIRC) which makes it easy to dip a tap into, or to apply to the outside oof a piece to be threaded with a q-tip. acid brush, or model paint brush.  Even in the worst case of a tip over, ita a lot easier to clean up an ounce or two rather tham a  pint!! Most of us probably mix up a batch of 2 cycle gas for the weedeater annually at least so the cost of saving one small oil container is zero and its small enough to keep handy on the workbench or nearby shelf.