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Lathe/Mill upgrade ???



I'm starting to look around at adding a bigger mill and lathe to my arsenal. I currently have an 9x19 lathe and a SX3 mill, both I have converted to CNC. Looking for something more rigid and bigger. Probably a 12x36 or so lathe, and maybe a knee mill. I might CNC the new mill later on, so that would be something to keep in mind. Like to stay with the R8, due to a ton of tooling I already have for that. Single PH 220 would be the biggest voltage I can go. Will be going in the garage shop so size isn't a problem, as it would be in the basement shop.

Looking to see what you guys got in these sized machines, and your pro's and con's on the different ones. :thinking:


Think I've found the replacements! :bandrock:

Quite a bit more than I first was figuring, but in the long run, I think I will be ahead by going with these. :slap:

It will just take a longer time before I can swing the price tags. Hoping maybe in the next 12 to 18 months if all goes right. :LittleAngel:


It doesn't look bad Matt.....who's the distributor....and the maker?



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