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Hello everybody, as already mentioned in an other thread, I have started to build the Snow engine. Due to the availability of stock material in Germany, I have converted some dimensions in metric sizes. In example the piston rod, the crank shaft, the camshaft, all nuts, studs and bolts......
For this it was necessary to do all the drawings new in CAD and to check the fitting with each other part. Specially the situation with metric bolts has to be checked carefully, because at some places is not so much material for dimension changes. The main bore is also slightly modified to 27 mm, because I could get some 27x1,5mm piston rings of the shelve. Due to the piston rod dimension change, it was also necessary to find the right lip seal from FKM (FPM, Viton) for this application, but I have been successful in the Volkswagen, Seat spare part catalog.
It is also my goal, to give this engine a bit more the look from 1900, that will be difficult but lets try.
The first real part I have started with, was the flywheel. I have bought a cheap low quality casting with 240 mm diameter and started my modifications. The result is shown in the following pictures. I will ad the story, how to get there, later.

I will be watching Achim. It will be interesting to see how you got those square pockets in the rim of the flywheel!


....and now the making of this flywheel. The fixation to the crankshaft is the same as shown in the original drawings, a cone will clamp the wheel and shaft together. After seeing all the pictures of the big Snow engines in the American Museum, I have done the decision, that mainly black for the engine parts and red for the flywheel should be the colors. I have tried to fake the hub a bit, with medium success. The solution with the illusion of the shrink anchors seem to be a bit more successful. And also the 90 rectangle wholes around the rim are O.K. now.

Dave Otto:
Beautiful work the the flywheel Achim.

I will be following along with your build of this interesting engine. I like the fact that you are going to make it look more like the original engine.

Your work is wonderful, and thanks for taking the time to post your progress.


That's pretty neat Achim!  Like Tim, I was wondering how you made all those square holes in the rim of the flywheel.  Now I see...

So my next question is, how'd you make the big rim rings to go on either side of the square holes?  I'd love to see a picture or two of how you mounted those while you were turning them.

Thanks for sharing your work Achim!  Your flywheel looks beautiful!


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