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"Brown and Pickles", "Bancroft"
« on: June 14, 2014, 10:35:25 PM »
"Brown and Pickles" is the story of an Engineering firm operating during the 20th century in Barnoldswick in Lancashire. It was heavily involved with maintenance and repair of mill engines and built its own small  stationary engines. There is a lot of information in the book if you have an interest in stationary engines, and mill engines in particular. And some of the stories about how particular problems were approached are fascinating. Strongly recommended.

"Bancroft" is the story of a weaving mill in Barnoldswick and is a very good description of the company, how it operated, and what went on in a mill.

Both books are written by Stanley Challenger Graham, the last engine 'tenter' at Bancroft mill, a historian, mill engine fanatic and very practical man. The books are well written and enjoyable. Both are available (plus others from Stanley) on

Stanley is also the leading light of the website // which along with much else has quite an amount of stationary steam information.
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Re: "Brown and Pickles", "Bancroft"
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That's a good reference you gave there JGB.

I have been following this chap's stories of Barnoldswick and the mills but had not realised that he had written anything with the steam engine detail that's in the Brown and Pickles story.
I downloaded the PDF and the reference listing of steam engines. For a fiver each they are well worth the money.

The photos in Brown & Pickles give an idea of the working environment and what is/was possible with only manual facilities.


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