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Hi Troops

I used to have a set of BA finger spanners made by Terrys, very handy ...   :ThumbsUp: Alas long gone .. :ThumbsDown:

Just spotted these items:

Anyone got them ?? Any good ??

The Terrys version was a sort of low profile socket, these appear to be ring spanners ...  Hmmmmmm ..

Not sure if that's good .

Whaddya reckon ..

Dave BC


Sorry I cannot help I am trying to find a good set my self I used to have a few king dick ring spanners and some Stahlwille ones ,but alas lost now

they ones on sale now all seen to be to big and not available in 10 , 12 ba


chuck foster:
i have never heard of a finger spanner, but they look like they would be a very useful tool.


Lew Hartswick:
Had a set of those over 50 years ago when I worked as a technician in industry. Haven't seen any
for a spell though.

Sorry, I don't think I posted very well, I was thinking of the metric set. Not BA. Don't do anything with BA now although I still have the taps, dies etc. I have a Bedford set of BA O/E spanners with damn great heads, but also have an Elora set of combination spanners which are much better. Only draw back is they are 0 2 4 6 BA only.
But the metric finger set are for M3, 4, 5 , 6, 8 ... can't see I have any use for the M6 & 8 ... got Mole grips for them  :Lol:
They can be very useful, on the BA type I used, you just poke a nut in the socket and point your finger at the screw or whatever and wind it on. Easy ... mostly. These seem to have fingers to grip the hexagon, so I could imagine just pushing the nut straight through ... ?? Maybe it doesn't happen ...
We used them a lot, servicing teleprinters and all the similar stuff in the RAF.
While we are on the subject of not seeing things, what happened to the 'Quick Wedge' screw starters ??
IIRC they were made in Salt Lake City, they were simple but effective little devices ..
Obtainable in UK some years ago, but not anymore it seems.  :(
Do they still exist over there ??

EDIT  Forget the last bit Lew, found some in UK ...  :embarassed:

Tried a few months ago and got zilch ..  :Doh:


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