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New addition for my work bench

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Even though I keep my shop pretty clean, my work bench is always cluttered.  I just can't seem to keep it clear.  So, today I built a little addition.

This little work surface is above everything else and has room under it for a draw insert I bought from harbor freight.  I plan to put an edging around the work surface to keep small parts from rolling off.  Now if I can just keep this part cleared of clutter...


Nice but it's missing one important feature.  Put a lifter under the back edge so the top is tilted forward at a 45 degree angle.  That's the only way you're going to keep the surface uncluttered.

I have a small auxiliary two leg table that attaches to the front of my workbench.  When not in use the legs fold like a card table and it can be stood against the wall.  It's really handy when I need a bit of room.  However, its most important feature is the fact that it must be folded and put away in order to get my car in the garage.  This guarantees that it can never become another clutter depository.

[And before any of you smarties ask, yes, we keep both cars in the garage on a daily basis.  My shop fits around them in what I consider a Nobel-prize-worthy utilization of available space.]

chuck foster:
good idea chuck......................will you build one for me????????????  :ROFL:

my first wife used to clean my work bench when she thought it needed cleaning.....................remember that was my first wife  :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL: :ROFL:


I have a similar "work tote" set up on top of my roll around tool cabinet.   I roll the whole thing machine to machine.   It has a wooden tray with edges set into the top that I can remove and carry where ever, or empty....and yes it's tough to keep it clear of clutter....but when I do clear it off, it is very handy.


Captain Jerry:
That is a neat idea, Chuck.  I would have to make a new one every few weeks and put it on top of the previous one.  Then I could just add extensions to the legs of my stool. I am incapable of cleaning.  Maybe I should just build a new shop.



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