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Hi Guys,
Thought you may be intrested in the new compressor that is currently being installed at work. As you can see its rather large, the company that made it makes even bigger ones than this. It is 2 stage, the left side is the 1st stage, pistons approx 230mm, the 2nd stage is 180mm, its designed to take nat gas at approx 70 bar & step it up to near enough 300 bar. Its electrically driven & uses 11kv though a variable speed drive, it is supposed to consume 3.5 mega watts.

Cheers Kerrin

Hi Kerrin,

Impressive machine  :whoohoo:  near enough 4700 HP ... drive a destroyer .. or would it ??

" ... its designed to take nat gas .......... & step it up to near enough 300 bar."

We've got Vindaloos that can do that ....  :Lol:


The ultimate question:

What is it supposed to run?

Looks very impressive and LARGE! :NotWorthy:


Hi Dave & Andrew,
 Oooh Dave so you have slightly warm vindaloos too!

 The compressor is going to take natural gas after liquids are removed & recompressor it back up to greater than the pressure in a couple of our wells & reinject it back into the reservoir to be produced at a latter date. Basically putting it back into the ground for storage. Yep it is big the motor weighs in a something like 40 tonnes.
Thanks for look in.

Cheers Kerrin


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