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Stop Silver Solder Running

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I've always used a soft lead pencil line to stop silver solder running. Damned hard to get a good clean line sometimes, particularly on brass, so I tried a few other ideas.
Found that typing correction fluid works perfectly. I buy the small bottle with the brush - gives a clean accurate line, quick to apply, & no clean up.

Disclaimer - of course its probably toxic like most of life these days, but I'm still here. Apologies if its a 'known' but I havent seen it mentioned before.


the new water base non toxic stuff is not as good as the old trik. based stuff good job i have a stock of the old stuff

its a H&S issues the typists were sniffing it and making more missaks and using ( sniffing ) it more  :old:


thank you for the tip, I will try that

Steam Haulage:
Correction fluids used 1:1:1 trichloroethane, Various trade names such as Genklene (UK), Dow Horgen Swiss. We used to make a fair tonnage every day until the Montreal Protocol came along. Trike is trichloroethylene (Triklone) still used industrially but evaporation rate is too slow for correction fluids. Typists, as opposed to computer operators, were relatively busy and expected to churn the work out.
All these chlorinated solvents including Arklone used in dry cleaning, give off vapours that are heavier than air and collect at ground level, in tanks and basements, in the process displacing the air and leaving none to breathe. These substances are/were non-flammable, a great advantage.

Accidents were frequent but the manufacturers largely stopped producing 1:1:1 trichloroethane because of the destruction of the ozone layer with such a volatile substance being often used under uncontrolled conditions.


Trichloroethylene is not something you want anywhere near freshly machined aluminium  :o

There was a company in the south of England that many years ago where someone dunked a hot bit of freshly machined aluminium into the trike tank to clean it off and forgot to take it out on a Friday evening. Monday morning the inevitable had happened the hydrogen chloride and hexachlorobutene vapour had coated the entire machine shop. It was all a write off  :ShakeHead:



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