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Well this is what my man cave looks like at the moment.
Luckily for me i have an understanding wife!
This means that i have nearly all of the basement to furnish with machinery!!! :pink elephant:

Looking from right to left from the steps

My very messy bench...

Then onto the computer desk with a Mac Pro and a pc desktop.
To the left is the Myford ML7 sharing a bench with the Keller Die Filer

Moving more left we find the South Bend 9A lathe that needs to be restored...
A 1929 Rhodes shaper that i love! :Love:
In the corner is the restored Clausing 8520
A large tool chest and the very important shop vac.
And last but not least a machinist made power hacksaw and dual grinder.

And just for interest some close ups!

Myford ML7

South Bend 9A

Keller Die Filer

The Rhodes Shaper

Clausing 8520

And the Butterfly Die filer still being restored...

It is still a work in progress and i still have space for more!!!
Looking for a small surface grinder.... :Jester:


Awsome shop Andrew. 


Great shop, Andrew.

Lots of room to grow. I'm jealous!


chuck foster:
very nice shop andrew

i like the spacious layout you have and all the machinery.
thanks for the photographic tour  :cheers:


Hi Andrew
               Looking at that banana shaped shelf over the workbench, i would say that anytime soon your bench may get much more messy :disappointed:.  Appart from that every thing looks wonderfull. :ThumbsUp:

Cheers Dek. :old:


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