Author Topic: Otto Langen 1867 Engine Drawings  (Read 18630 times)

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Re: Otto Langen 1867 Engine Drawings
« Reply #60 on: November 29, 2020, 01:21:33 PM »
Was John from the Guildford area by any chance? Did he also make a Dynamo?

Yes, he lived just down the road at Hazelmere.

I can imagine if there was a design for a dynamo he would have made it. When they cleared his models out I recall over 20 went to Auction  :'(

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Re: Otto Langen 1867 Engine Drawings
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Thanks Jo, I thought it rang a bell.

John visited me at Ffordd Lerry a day I shall never forget. My mother had passed away not even 10 hours previous to his visit. I don't remember who accompanied him now but it might have been Tony Harcombe?
Tony has a small engine museum that has one of the only known running versions of the Preistman Oil engine.

John was definitely a talented engineer and a lovely personality, despite my obvious grief we spent an interesting Saturday afternoon together.

I ended up buying his Dynamo patterns and the rights to produce but like many other projects it got shelved. My goodness that was 32 years ago just gone.... ( October )

Cheers Graham.