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Hi George,

If you could send me the link to the high powered cells that would be awesome! :ThumbsUp:
I kind of forgot about this thread, home renovations have removed me from the man cave for the whole summer...
Roll on winter!!! :ROFL: (ps i really hate winter....)


Boatmadman - i really like the clear plexiglass version you have built!


--- Quote from: George_Race on August 16, 2012, 11:06:43 PM ---I really like the look of the clear plastic for the frame work and armature.
Looks like a good runner as well.
Nice job,

--- End quote ---

+ 1  :ThumbsUp:

Here is the eBay link to the solar cells that I am using.


He actually sends you 50 for the price.  All nicely packed, arrived unbroken.
By the time you add shipping they will cost you about $0.50 each.  Not too bad!

His cells are actually a bit thicker than some of the earlier ones that I tired.



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