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About a year ago I got interested in Mendocino Motors.  If you have never seen one, it is quite a novel little motor.  It uses magnets to levitate the armature.  the rotation is provided by light energy and it requires absolutely no external power to spin for hours on end.

Here is a link to a lot of information and the  build I started sometime ago.  I will continue to add further information here as I do some additional design changes and additions on the project.


Here are a couple of pictures to get you interested.

This is the initial model I designed to do the testing of a bunch of ideas.

This part of the project finished up with a running Mendocino Motor

Here it is running under my work bench lights.
This was the finished "proof of concept" model that I made.  A bit different from the initial design shown above.

As always, comments and questions are welcomed,

You go ahead and show us how to do it George.

This engine had me fascinated.


I have the magnets and the solar cells, all I need is to finish one or more of the current projects and I can start on this one. I will be following with great interest. I am sure you will guide me around a lot of mistakes.  :cheers:

I have the magnets but not the solar cells...
Finding the right ones is a bit confusing!

Are you still thinking of making these available in kit form??


Hi Andrew, yes I am still considering doing a kit of parts for builders.  Possibly the metal framework, and the armature core with the center shaft ready to be wound and finished.

I will be posting same new work on the overall design that I have been doing, possibly later this evening.

The solar cells are from ebay.  If you can't find them I can give you a link to their location.  They are 1 X 3 inches, high current output.



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