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I am very impressed, I wish I had your drawing skills. I do something artistic: When it is too cold in the workshop I make these:

(sorry about the flash reflection in the following it is the cheap frames! :rant:)

And I have recently started a series for my bedroom:

This is the one I am currently working on:


That needlework is really outstanding Jo, and it does show that you are not all swarf and grease.

I am no artist, but I do know of a couple that grace my walls

This one was done for me by a great friend, for services rendered, in the early 80's. He was then a 4th Dan Karate Master, now somewhat higher, and part of his training included pen and ink work. This took him almost a year to complete, and the fineness of penwork has to be seen to be believed. This picture is 24" high, and I think is a copy of a Japanese master.

This one is also done by a grand master, of cross stitch. This is a picture, taken from a photo of my grandson when he was about 6 and is about 15" high. By my late wife.

There are certainly people amongst us that have great hidden talent.


That is sure some nice pencil work you have there

Nice work there Jo , how the ekk do you keep your hands clean enough to handle the cloth

John thats some fine work there from your pal and not forgetting your your late wife Mel

I do think the thing that binds us all is the unsatisfiable urge to make things with our hands

thank for you last comments in announcements much appreciated


Hi Dennis,
Very nice pencil drawings. I think I have seen them somewhere in the past on another forum. I don't do a lot of regular pencil drawings much since I have switched to colored pencils.
I'll post one of my latest in another thread so as to not hijack yours.

Trout, George and Jo, you people are blessed with exceptional talents and have honed them to great skills.  I appreciate seeing these things that people are able to accomplish.  My hat is off to all of you.  :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp: :ThumbsUp:



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