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OK, I guess other hobbies fits into this category. One of my other hobbies is doing portraits of friends, famous people, native americans. I believe gbritnel also shares this love of pencil drawing. The scans really don't do them justice.

Jicarilla (my avatar), Nez Perce tribe.

I mostly like to draw females.


Beautiful work indeed.  :AllHailTheKing:

I knew that if we gave the members a little display case of their own, we would get wonders such as yours being posted.

There is much hidden talent amongst our members that really should be seen, and appreciated.


Dean W:

--- Quote from: Troutsqueezer on July 25, 2012, 05:42:53 AM ---Jicarilla (my avatar), Nez Perce tribe.

--- End quote ---

Dennis, she shows a familiar ancestral tribal trait.  Very well done.  I live up in Idaho near a couple of the tribal
concentrations of the (Nee Me Poo) Nez Perce, (Kamiah and Lapwai).  They are a handsome people.  A couple times a year
they have local celebrations, and many participate in full regalia for the old dances and songs.

I find your drawings to be very artistic!

WOW!  Those are really beautiful drawings.
You certainly have a lot of talent.

Great stuff. That is what i call ART, not the rubbish like unmade beds, and sheep in tanks of formaldahide that they call art nowadays. :ThumbsUp:    Thanks for showing.

Cheers Dek. :old:


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