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Here is my WS


Has to be this way because I have to sit to work need crutches for short distances and wheels for longer

note the dro head unit is at Newall for some tender care you can just see the encoder cables above the lathe TS

Mill is a sx3 and lathe is a myford connie


Hi Stuart,

More pics of the Myford!!!! :thewhip:
Is that the one you picked up at the auction?

Looks like a nice set up you have there!


No I have had it a while now paid full price for it, but there fitter had to come out and spend an after noon with me to rebuild the head stock ( they where only 5 miles away ) the ball races screamed and ran very very hot  , so they had to come out and fix it.

the ones that were sold at the auction may or may not have been complete it was caveat emptor when the auction firm moved in

some had no handles, missing no chucks they just made up the lathes with the spares they had in the stores , real bits and bobs

the shop suits me its only a 10 by 7  building but when you have to sit down to work space is your enemy

I was going down to see what they had but when I found that it was being sold in bulk , and was sold as seen I gave it a miss



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