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Rocker covers

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What an interesting idea and concept!

Will be following along for this ride! :)

We need a "This thread is worthless without pics" smily!!!!


Bogs, waddayamean not just for me ?? though i was THE ONLY oddball round here  :shrug:   Andrew, i think the idea came from the USA, and is just getting started over here. If you google "rocker cover (or box) racing" you should find lots of info there. The robot one is a bit OTT realy, i dont know of any others that talk and drum there fingers in frustration,but i just thought it would raise a laugh. :Lol:
Here are a few pics of the build. First one is the various bits of scrap i started with, (i seldom work to plans,just make things up as i go along) then various stages of construction. The circuit boards are L to R, remote control, 3w amp,and voice record/playback unit. The voice can be slowed down or speeded up with the little white pot on the board. The two motors (removed from scrap theodolites)control -on the left the fingers-on the right,the mouth,rotating nose,and a rotating disc (ex encoder) placed between an LED and some 
0.25mm fibre optics, that end in the circuit board showing in the front of his body,just a bit more sillyness. All the lights are LED powered, headlamps being made from a scrap light fitting. Last pic is a race in progress. Now for a  :smokin2:,yes i do but only when i am awake.

Cheers Dek. :old:

Never mind pictures, we need a video of the robot in action. Never seen anything quite like that.


Sorry Ray but i would not have a clue how to do that.  :thinking: I will make a vid, and the next time my son pays us a visit i will ask him how to do it.  Not much use sending instructions as i do'nt know my way round computers well enough to understand them. :-[

Cheers Dek. :old:

Not a problem Dek, I'll keep an eye on this thread in case you can get a video up with your son's help



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