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WOW!!  Bogs made this space just for me (and any other barmpots out there).  Rocker cover racing is the latest craze for me,so here are some pics of my efforts so far.  If anyone is interested i will give more details. The robot one is a bit more complex than the others (he talks and stuf like that), and once again if there is any interest i can post a few pics of the build.

Cheers  Derek

Okay explanation time!!!

What is "Rocker Cover Racing?"

And yes please explain your builds Derek!
They look very cool!
Do you make all the bits and bobs or are they pre-fabbed and assembled?

You can't post something like this and not explain!


Well Derek you said it   :jumpingsmileys:

what's the power source ?


Hi Andrew & Stuart.  Rocker cover racing boils down to-----take an old engine rocker cover,stick some wheels on it,(no power allowed just gravity),and hope you get to the end of the track first. as you might imagine,there are quite a few things you can do to achieve this. All very daft,but i like all things daft.  They are all built entirely from bits of scrap,with the exception of the electronics in the robot. For example the wheels on most of the ones i have built are scrap polycarbonate sheet, with ex hard drive discs,and bearings.  I will post some more pics of the robot soon but i need to reduce the size first.

Cheers  Derek. :old:

Not just for you Dek, for anyone who wants to show unusual things they get up to.

I will let Dek explain it all, he knows all the rules and regs for rocker cover racing.

Maybe you could show the track Dek.



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