Author Topic: Model 4-Stroke Petrol Engines by L.C. Mason  (Read 2581 times)

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Model 4-Stroke Petrol Engines by L.C. Mason
« on: September 18, 2013, 06:16:19 PM »
Model 4-Stroke Petrol Engines, Designing - Building - Running   is IMHO is one of the classic works that anyone who wants to make model infernal combustion engines needs to have on their book shelf.

It starts with some general notes on designing engines but then goes through each of the parts in an engine, including the Ignition, Carburation and Lubrication, discussing design options, properties needed etc.

Warning: You do not get any drawings. But your knowledge of model engines will increase no end, enabling you amongst other things  :embarassed: to know if that unintended feature that you have just machined into your model can be got away with or will need to be corrected.

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