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Scratch Building a Mini Wobbler

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Hi all,

Finally got to finish the Mini Wobbler I began in May :embarassed:. This is totally scratch built. ;)
It runs like "crazy" on just 8psi 8) I am just going to remake the crank shaft, because there is a little play on the main bush :hammerbash:

The crank shaft.(the groove in the middle was filed in to allow the oil to stay in the bush :-[)

The engine stand.

Just a close up of the fillet :)

Main bush.

Inlet tube.

Piston and piston rod.

Flywheel (was an old fire extinguisher pressure gauge body, just turned it and melted some lead in it for wieght >:D)


Whole assembly :)

I am going to drill mounting holes in the base and screw it down to a wooden/metal base. Waiting for the silver solder I ordered to build a 35mm boiler ;D

Well Done Marinus! :ThumbsUp:

GoodOnYa Mate!


Very nice Marinus...any chance of a video of it running?


Thank you Dave and Bill :)

Once I have made a new crankshaft I will upload a video ;)

Ian S C:
Nice little engine, what bore and stroke? I'v got a little one that I made years ago with a bore of 3 mm, and a stroke of 6 mm, I had it in a little boat, and sailed it on the pond at the local recreation centre.  Lake's about 100 m X 50 m, it usually would sail the length on a boiler full of water.     isc


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