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Ken K:
 I am new at this, but will try to post a build log, on this kit.
 I have made a lot of casting kits, but have run out of new ones, I want, so going to do a 1/2 Gade, again.
 Of all the kits I have made, the Tom Thumb, and the 1/2 Gade were the best kits, as far as drawings, and castings. The Tom Thumb kit is no longer being made, but when I called Robert Campbell, he had a few kits left. He is having foundry problems, so will not be making more.
 I order the kit, plus gears, springs, gas tank, and oil shield.
 The first part i made was the driven gear. You get the gear, that is thick enough to face off, and cut a hub, for the cam. This part, could be a problem, cutting the cam, on the gear, but I have a small CNC mill, which did it, fine.

Nice gear Ken!   Welcome!


Ken K:
 Did the crankshaft for the engine.
 Started by putting some bar stock, betwen the webs, and holding in place with some JB Weld, to prevent any flex in casting. Forgot to take a picture of the center drill step. Mounted between centers and started cutting the throws, to get to .730" Target is .750", but parting toolds never cut, all the way to edge. With that done, started cuttung the throw. With the parting blade out so far, did not not cut well, so only went to.635", and used files/wet dry sandpaper to finish, to .625". Did clean up cuts to get .750" between throws. Cut webs off, and put between centers to clean up shaft. Put in 3 jaw, and cut throws to .375" thick. Back to between centers, added steady rest, and cut shafts to .625".
 Now we will see how to get pictures, loaded.

Dave Otto:
Hi Ken

Good to see your Gade build here; they're a nice engine. I have a set of Morrison and Marvin's castings for the 1/4 scale Gade aging on the shelf just waiting for me to have some time for them.

Nice work so far, and keep posting pictures :ThumbsUp:



Any chance of finding us a GA or a photo of what you are building so that those of us on the other side of the pond know what you are making  8)



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