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Forum guidelines and some layout changes
« on: October 20, 2013, 08:46:08 AM »
The MEM management team have been aware for some time of discrepancies and ambiguity regarding the forum policy.

We have had a lengthy discussion to reach consensus amongst ourselves as to what needed to be done to clarify matters for everyone, while still keeping to the original intent of the forum. 
Members' concerns and input was taken very seriously during these discussions.

A conclusion has been reached, and certain compromises have been made based on popular demand.  While it is impossible to satisfy the personal preferences of each and every member, we feel that what we propose is a reasonable working model that should be to the best over-all fit.

The forum will be receiving a bit of a re-organization; this is to make it easier for members to decide where to post your contributions, to keep the primary focus of the forum on model engine building but also allow suitable space for some diversity, and to keep the forum well-organized and easy to use.  The descriptions at the headings of the different boards will serve as guidelines as to what is acceptable in the relevant boards.

Certain topics will be merged - we are doing away with distinctions between non-CNC and CNC builds; it's immaterial on how the end result of a build is obtained, and in many cases its a combination of CNC and manual work.  This should make it easier for members to decide where to post build logs.  A distinction will be kept between barstock engines from plans, casting-based and self-designed engines, as there are differences in the approach to building these.

A new section will be introduced for Vehicles and Models.  This is by popular demand.  Vehicles covers build logs of all kinds of model engine powered vehicles such as traction engines, boats and locomotives, and Models are for items such as dynamos, generators and other models that are driven by model engines. 

Previous "restrictions" on tooling builds are also being lifted; it has been unclear in the past as to what and what was not acceptable in terms of tool building logs, and we feel it will be good for members to show how they go about building tools to build model engines.

There are some other changes as well; at the end of this post is a general overview of what the forum layout should look like once it's done; some of the wording might still change.

It must be pointed out that there will be no content removed; posts will simply be moved to the relevant boards during the restructure.  Things might be a bit confusing during the reorganization, but should be easy to find once it's done.  Please bear with us while the process happens.

As has been mentioned, we cannot please each individual member's tastes completely and compromises have to be accepted by everyone involved and a line drawn somewhere.  As always, your input is valued, and if you feel there are glaring omissions you are most welcome to raise it in the "Suggestions" board.

Mention has been made as to possible bandwidth and/or storage restrictions on the forum.  We are in a very good position in this regard, and there is no reason for concern.  MEM is free to members and the financial aspect of the forum is also well taken care of. 

We trust that this is acceptable to everyone, and we hope that MEM will continue to be a warm and comforting place for model engine builders to share our hobby.

MEM Management


New forum layout:

About MEM
- Announcements - Announcements concerning the forum are made in this board.
- Introduce Yourself - Please take the time to introduce yourself when you first register; you are assured of a warm welcome by all.

- From Plans Building it from plans? Post your build log here.
- From Kits/Castings Building from a kit or castings? In here.
- Your own design Designed it yourself? Share how you go about it.
- Restoration of Model Engines - Bought that old engine on ebay and are fixing it up?

Supporting Stuff
- Plans & Drawings Please follow all copyright laws!
Boilers Please see our disclaimer before posting in here.
- Engine Ancillaries Starters, ignition, & superchargers Oh My!
- Vehicles & Models By popular demand! Does your engine power something that goes or moves? Put it in here
- Tooling By popular demand! Making a tool to make the tool that makes the part? Log it here
- Casting - Home casting

The Showcase
- Engines Exactly what it says. Post your images and video here. No build logs please.
- Workshop - What does your workshop look like?
Shows - Been to a good show? Take pictures and video? Want to share?

- Specific Engine Help Ask your engine and ancillaries only questions here
- Machines, Tools and Fixtures Ask your machine, tools and fixture questions here. This is a help section so no build logs.
- Skills and Techniques Need to know how to do something? Post it here. Know how to do something? Answer it here.
- Tips and Tricks - Found that perfect trick? Post it here.
- Mistakes and Blunders - Want to show how NOT to do it?

- Chatter Box Be kind and respectful. No flaming, politics or religion here. Please see the rules sticky before posting in here.
- Outside Links & Suggested Reading Great link, book or video? Not so great? Give a review or post a link.
- Suggestions Do you feel there's something that can improve the forum?
Building an engine takes Patience, Planning, Preparation and Machining.
Procrastination is nearly the same, but it precludes machining.
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Re: Forum guidelines and some layout changes
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 06:25:14 PM »
It is going to take some time to implement all of the changes. So...

While we make the changes, boards or threads may be unavailable. Just hang in there. Thanks for bearing with us.

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Re: Forum guidelines and some layout changes
« Reply #2 on: October 21, 2013, 12:05:40 AM »
Reorganization has started. Please be patient as things go...


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