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LHL-14: A horizontal long-stroke

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As a side-project, I have been dreaming about a super-longstroke engine for long. So I finally designed it.
Bore is 45 mm, stroke is 90 mm, 143 ccm 4-stroke. Plan is to have a real slow-runner. Castings are made from my own patterns.
Will be water-cooled. I wanted something long and slender. The base-plate will be about 700 mm long, flywheel-diameter 350 mm. I'll have to recycle the flywheel of an other engine, because I'm not sure wether I can cast cast iron now or not (modified my furnace).

The last pattern (the base) is still in the mill and be ready in about an hour. Tomorrow, I'll do some finishing on the patterns and maybe cast on Sunday. I'll see…

Picture #1:  The cylinder. Left and right are sticking out the core prints. I'll cast it around a precision-drawn tube.
Picture #2: Core box for the water-jacket (that goes around the cylinder-barrel.
Picture #3: Bearing covers for the crankshaft bearing and the camshaft.
Picture #5: Core box for the channels in the cylinder head.
Picture #6: Mounting bracket for the camshaft.
Picture #7: Cylinder head, core prints for the channels sticking out.
Picture #8: The base still in the mill.


Nice stuff Nick!


Last pattern is off the mill.

The cylinder,
All main parts "assembled"
And a detail with the bracket for the camshaft.


And a top-view from the CAD:


Very, very nice indeed, Nick. What is the pattern material?



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