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Re: Nemet Bobcat
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I did think, some considerably time ago now admittedly, that there was somewhere where the Nemet's engine plans could be purchased, possibly it was from the previous publishers of ME and MEW before Mortons took over the publishing, but I don't know for sure.  If the owners of ME purchased the design plans then presumably they would have them for sale, whoever/wherever they are?


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Re: Nemet Bobcat
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Quoting from the first of the series on building the Bobcat after Malcolm's death:

As far as I know only two sets of drawings for the bobcat were ever sold. I (Assumption: David Clark the then editor of the ME?) purchased a set from the USA and Ron Palmer, in Spain, has the other set.

Malcom did a separate construction book on building this engine Construction Manual for the NE15 IT so all the drawings are probably in there.

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Re: Nemet Bobcat
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Bobcat NE15IT (inline twin) & Jaguar NE7.5S (Single) were serialized in ME as David Clark bought the rights along with Malcom's unpublished designs awhich used parts from these engines eg. head and cylinder for a straight 4 and a V6. plus the Lynx NE15S

As far as I know only DC and myself have copies of these unpublished designs, as they were not complete DC cost Mytimemedia a lot of money for one additional engine design and that is why they sold Lynx drawings for a high price to recover costs.

Lynx drawings are now sold by Sarik who bought up the rights to all the old MAP then Mytimemedia plans service

Never mind Brian found his drawing as she had based other engines on the Bobcat design years ago.


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