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I get a fair few people asking me how I get the watermarking and avatar in my pictures.

Go to this site and download Fastone Photo Resizer. Don't worry all you cheapskates, it is a total freebie.

Once you get used to using it, you can make your pics the recommended 800x600 for web viewing, put watermarks all over them (I would suggest around 10% to 15% opacity) and crunch them down, but still be viewable, to very small sizes. Mine normally come out way below 100kb.

I learned how to use it by opening two folders on my desktop, one named 'old pic', t'other was 'new pic', very original.

Pop a piccy into 'old pic' and set the program up to load from 'old pic' and save to 'new pic'. Then play about to your hearts content, renaming multiple pictures so they all come out with the same name but with a different numbers following, changing fonts & sizes, even putting picture on picture.

After you get your pic exactly how you like it, the program remembers everything for next time.

I can drop a dozen pics in 'old pics', and seconds later they are all finished and awaiting uploading to my photobucket account in my 'new pics' folder.

Try it out, it costs you nothing, and you can get your pictures spot on for displaying on a website.


Yep, I got that programme too, it's great. Not tried the watermarking yet. The wife puts lots of photos on facebook and ebay, I got annoyed at her complaining "it's taking ages to upload" ... that's because you're trying to upload 20+ 5mb photos!


Let me add my endorsement for the Faststone program.  I use it all the time.  Like John, I have a dedicated "pic" file where the unmodified pictures are placed and the program writes to a dedicated "piclets" file.  The whole process is about as simple as one can make it.

That is a great bit of software John!

I used it to resize and watermark about 80 images and it took around 15 seconds!
Works very quickly at doing batches of pictures which is perfect for what we do.



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