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2.22 Bar-stock engine
« on: March 31, 2013, 01:40:31 PM »
1.25 Bore and 1-13/16 stroke figures 2.22 Common rubber O-ring makes great compression and are extremely durable. Old school GM points/coil energized w/RC NiMh(7-cell,8.4V). Over a couple years of running these engines, Coleman fuel with some w/5-10% WD-40(from the gal. can) seems to make it run the most consistent. Pump gas, evidently, has too many other chemicals, ethanol,etc.. The WD burning lubes and makes the shop smell better than 2-cycle mixture. The long motorcycle plug prevents the spark from jumping to ground, as it does with the shorter CM-6(NGK), :zap: :shrug: and prevents stalling. Oil-lite bronze bearings on mains, crankpin and wristpin last forever. Cold-rolled steel valves on brass guides. New versions have solid brass heads with 1.9 in. stroke.(,38cc) Thanks for your interest. Later, RT.

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Re: 2.22 Bar-stock engine
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Sure runs nice!

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