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A little hot air and a bit of gas
« on: July 21, 2012, 09:08:14 PM »
Hi.just to show a few past builds as some may have noticed I seem to have a thing for flame gulpers
This is the engine that started it all of for me designed by P Duclos and what a great runner she is despite now being over 20 years old and had a lot of running at one time at variouse shows

Than I seemed to get Poppin fever desined by J Senfit I was not happy with just one and ended up building a slightly modded one as well

Then I did my own thing and built this one after a bit of head scratching

Then that very kind gentleman Mr Ridders tempted me with some of his designs ;D
So I built his valve less engine but couldnt keep to the drawings I just like to put a little bit of me into the projects although some times it realy back fires on me but got away with it on thisengine

Then good luck shone on me for a change and I managed to get hold  of a book I had wanted for a long time and managed to build Little Blazer again designed by P Duclos and to be honest its my favourite little engine she just buzzes way so readilyand always starts with no fuss once warmed through

Next up a nice little Sterling designed byJ Senfit although I never did get round to making the fan sorry just cannot remember its name

The most recent was another Mr Ridders engine the duo again I made a few detail changes to use the materials I had

Just for a change a couple of shots of my favourite hit and miss engine Little Angel designed by B Shores I bought the drawings from him when I was working in the U.S.A and built my own little electronic ignition system for her

Thanks for looking in and good luck to all with there projects


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