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Re: Musical Instruments
« Reply #30 on: January 25, 2021, 09:20:50 PM »
Thanks for the comments guys.

Trevorc:  A Hurdy Gurdy is very tempting.  I guess I would go for a Lute shaped one but one of my colleagues at work made one with a guitar shaped body.  Long ago now.

Willy:  As an amateur maker I just make the instruments to the drawings so I don't really develop an expertise in any particular field since I tend to manufacture one offs for the pleasure in making.  I do have a set of material for a small Ruckers virginalls, the 4 1/2 voet in the Russel collection.  All authentic woods:  Spruce for the sound board, poplar for the case, pear for the jacks, holly for the tongues, beech for the wrest plank - all bought mail order from North Higham Sawmills (which I'm sure you know/knew) in the old days when they specialised in this stuff.  I've also managed to acquire bog oak for the sharps (from pen blanks!) and bone for the naturals.  Not in the schedule for the foreseeable future though.

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Re: Musical Instruments
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Hi Rod , thanks for the reply. yes  I am sure a lot of people do the same as you do ..and your instruments do look very professionally made ..of course one should enjoy what they are doing  and of course the achievement is priceless ?? When I finished an instrument  I always looked at it and thought did I really make that ??!!!  Yes North Heigham Sawmills used to have their "Instarama " with lots of lovely 'tone woods' therein   they do still have a lot of exotic woods and veneers but it has changed hands now ;;;; They do have one of my Door Knockers as well ??  So .good luck with your  Ruckers Virginals and more power to your elbow with all your future projects ...