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Some of you may remember this engine.


I originally built it to run on compressed air, and while it runs really good, it's kind of boring, so I decided to convert it to run on fuel.  I've been working on it off and on for some months, and am finally getting pretty close to having it running.  I finished up the valves and got a good seal after some fiddling around.  I also ordered a CDI ignition module with coil from cncengines.com.  This will be my first venture with a hall effect instead of points so that might be interesting.  Here's some pictures of the engine as of today.

I'm still working on the design for my Bessemer but haven't actually done any work on it for awhile.


I'm eager to see it, Chuck. I've got the same CDI ignition module for my Upshur farm engine and I'm interested in seeing how it goes for you.


Chuck your building a unique cool engine ! Reminds me of the engines built from antique dental air compressors !

That looks great Chuck!   Is it going to have a finger latch type of governer lock out?


Looking forward to this  Chuck!



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