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Need ?? x 24 tpi jam nuts

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Why not just make the nuts and cut the threads on your lathe? A 1/2" hole is large enough to internally thread without a great deal of pain. Make a small threading tool from drill rod if you don't have anything suitable. has 1/2-24 RH taps; not sure about LH. Since one of their specialties seems to be weird taps, an inquiry to them about 1/2-24 LH might get you something.

Or make a tap from drill rod. It's got to thread only one hole, the thickness of a jam nut, so it doesn't have to be long-lived or particularly efficient. Make a tap, call yourself a toolmaker! :D

Ian S C:
You should be able to cut the thread on the lathe, I'v managed 3/8" BSF when I could not get a tap anywhere in this town, and it was an urgent job, the local engineering firm did'nt think it was possible to do on their machinery, but they neered to get their compressor going again (it was a castelated nut in the valve gear).1 1/2 hrs, nut made, including hex and split pin slots.  Ian S C. ps; You could make an adiquate tool from a 1/4" slot drill, or even a twist drill of a similar size, unless you already have a small boring bar.    Ian S C


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