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Robert Hornby:
I made this a couple of years ago from plans published in Model Engineer many many years ago. I didn't mention in the video that the slider and rod are only there to prove the action of a straight line generated by the links.

Made what?


Is there supposed to be a pic or attachment?

Looks like he's forgotten the picc, Zee ... Oi !!! :Director:   :Lol:  :Lol:

Look up the 'compas compose'  mechanism.

The arrangement was tried in ages past to get the side-thrust out of reciprocating mechanisms etc...

Some pics. here. Together with a whole lot of woolly-faced old gits ...

You need to wind down the page a lot ..

That sort of thing interests me ..

Dave BC

Here's a picture of one I made years ago to demonstrate the principle to school kids...

Turning the handle at the bottom from side to side makes the slider move smoothly along the straight, copper-colored rod at the top thus proving that a true rotary to linear motion is happening.

Most adults to whom I've showed it are clueless and unimpressed.  They've never considered just how difficult it is to convert rotary to truly linear motion.

Robert Hornby:
It has all gone pear shaped for me, I did forget to add the video and have been trying ever since prior to the replies. But it wont let me add it. The size is 93MB (it worked alright for the drag saw one at 324MB)  :help:


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