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F-8E A Plastic Distraction

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Ramon Wilson:
Hi all,

I don't know if there is anyone else on here who shares an interest in plastic modelling but this is something I took up again about 2003 after making a model of a Lancaster bomber for my cousins eightieth birthday. At the time I was having a (work orientated) severe disinterest in matters machining and this proved to be an extremely satisfying and rewarding pastime. Until that is I began making those I/C engines three years ago  - result - occasional conflict  :-\

Anyway after the Tigre engines were finished I felt I just had to take a break and work on this. I came close to weakening once or twice and nearly put it away but persevered and now it's finished I can concentrate on some new engines without it 'beckoning'.

This model is not just assembled from a kit but built up using aftermarket parts and a fair deal of scratchbuilding detailing and yes the old lathe and mill did get used for that  ;)

Anyway here is what has kept me off the machining for several months - hope you find it of interest.

Although I enjoy the making to some extent it is adding to the detailing and painting that gives me the most pleasure. With the exception of the 'rescue' and ejector seat warnings all markings above 2mm high are masked and sprayed, decals only being used for the very small stencilling.

There are no plans for anything else at the moment so it's press on with the new engine  ;)

Hope there's no objection to sharing a plastic model alongside all these brilliant engineering projects

Regards - Ramon

That's a beautiful model Ramon!    Got any more detail pictures?

That stuff is great...and it is amazing how one discipline crosses over to others.....


Dave Otto:
Wow that is a beautiful model; I would also love to see detail shots.

Thanks for sharing this with us,

Hope there's no objection to sharing a plastic model alongside all these brilliant engineering projects"

OH Hell no!   Detail is key and it speaks to talent and patience,,,and planning.

Those skills and traits are just as valid in plastic as they are in metal.

It's always instructive...and inspiring!

Well done!


Ramon Wilson:
Hi Guys - just posted some detail shots but got logged out and lost the entire post.

It's late - back tomorrow then

Regards - Ramon


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