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9 inch Ford differential in 1/3 scale

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 When I started this project I posted a question on trying to make gears for it. As the originals are hypoids I wondered if it was possible to create such a thing in the home shop. With much investigation I concluded that it was almost impossible so the  next step was to try and make offset bevel gears or skew bevels.

  I was put in touch with a fellow that helped me out with some calculations and then our own Dave (Steamer) made me a spread sheet. Thanks Dave.

 Using all of the numbers I set about making up the cutters, mandrels and such for cutting the gears, from Corian first. Well I ended up with a pinion and gear that resemble what I want but it was by trial and error as a couple of the dimensions didn't make any sense. I am at the stage now where I am trying to figure out if an off the shelf involute cutter will produce the desired tooth shape I need. The cutters from the build article have 1/2 of the involute shape and 2 passes need to be done with the cutter being flipped over to create both sides of the tooth. My assumption is that these cutters have an involute curve so why wouldn't the proper numbered cutter be capable of doing the same thing with the 3 step method for cutting miters and bevels?

 Here are a couple of pictures of the project. The first 2 are of the full sized differential. I cleaned and disassembled it to make a set of drawings. The 3rd picture is of the ring gear that I cut from Corian. I'm at the point where I have to make up a fixture to mount the 2 gears at the proper offsets to see if they will mesh properly. This part of the project is going to be the most time consuming. I know how to sculpt a hunk of metal into a recognizable object but getting these gears right it a whole new ball game.


Dan Rowe:
Very nice looking skew bevel gear George  :NotWorthy: :NotWorthy:

I am looking forward to watching this build.


I have a set of sketch drawings for a gadget that my late father designed.
It will convert a Myford lathe into a spiral bevel gear generator.

He never built and tested it, but the concept is good.


Oooooh...another great project to watch and learn from George. So in the end do you expect to have the engine, transmission, drive shaft and differential all mounted together? Looking forward to this as I do with all your builds!!



This looks to be another of your projects where I will be learning lots of new things.  Pulling up a chair.



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