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I agree Simon. I remember when it was four pieces of plate stock being welded together for the crankcase and I was thinking to myself, what the hell is this going to turn into? Now, OMG, what a beautiful and unusual arrangement for an engine. BRAVO!!


Hi Dave
I can not wait till u get this beauty up and running
Ive sent some Karma to help u get settled in my friend  ;D

Dean W:
Wow, you have a lot of really nice work done there, Dave.  Is this an air cooled engine, or are there water
jackets in the cylinders? 

Nice work Dave, looking forward to seeing this un run.


Dave G:
Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to finishing this thing here too. 2 Karma points already, wow.

This engine will be liquid cooled, I have machined water jackets into the cylinders for cooling. I am going to try to get it running before going to all the work of a cooling system. My plan is to have a circular radiator surround the flywheel shaft bearing housing. I have a 5 bladed fan scavenged from an electric fan that fits into the recess of the flywheel and will direct the airflow through the flywheel. The coolant pump will be run off the flywheel shaft on the other end and will be a simple gear pump. The radiator will have a tank at the bottom which will be under the gearcase for the pump to draw from.

The crankshafts will rotate in opposite directions but as long as no one tells it, it shouldn't know the difference. There is only one cam lobe to operate both cylinders as it will have an even firing order. I'm not too sure how this one will run, it may want to spin in circles as it runs. We will see. I do know one thing though, it is going to be noisy. I haven't filled the gearcase with lube yet, but it seems like the gears are going to be loud when running. This thing came about because I had a set of 2:1 bevel gears laying around with no purpose.

I like to peruse my engine books as all of us do I imagine and found an engine prototype from WW2 that used this configuration with 6 cylinders. I have adapted what I had on hand and came up with this. If it runs well enough, maybe someone would like to try a 6 cylinder version. One of the disadvantages to this design is that only a few teeth on the ring gear will be taking most of the load during the firing stroke and each cylinder acts on the same teeth. As this is just a model and won't be under load there shouldn't be much of a problem.

Scratch building is alot of fun and work but is very rewarding and I highly recommend it to anyone who has their own ideas for an engine. Even if this idea doesn't pan out the journey has made it all worth it.

Edison said he never had a single failure because he learned something from every experiment he did. I wonder how many of his ideas became boat anchors though, Dave


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