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Dave G:
I started this engine build a while back and posted it elsewhere. I have decided to continue here with the posts. For those that have been watching, this will be old news so I will only give a brief description of what I am building.

This engine will be an IC engine with 2 cylinders. The crankshafts are overhung and rotate on taper roller bearings. At the end of the cranks are bevel gears that will act upon a ring gear that is attached to the flywheel shaft. The flywheel will rotate at half speed of the crankshafts. The gear ratio is 2:1 and they are housed in a gear case. The exhaust valves are operated by a cam disk that is inside the gearcase and is attached to the flywheel shaft. The intake valves are atmospheric. The speed will be regulated by the throttle with a single carb.

I am just about finished with all the components and have been working on assembling it. When I installed the seals for the shafts in the gearcase it became difficult to turn over. I have reduced the dias that ride on the seals to the minimum and this has helped a great deal. I'm at the point now where I should be able to motor it over for while before completing the assembly. I don't have much time to work on it right now but I will keep posting the progress. Dave

Dave G:
A pic of all the components completed up to now.

Dave G:
Another view

Dave G:
The internals of the gearcase. The cam disk and the gears.

Great to see this continued here. This is a fantastic build. Can't wait to see it running, and most of all to hear what it sounds like  :D



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