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chuck foster:
another engine i built a few years ago and out of the three of them only one has ever run. building three at a time is just a bit more than i wanted to do so i put them away and hope to finish them another day.

pictures are here   http://s217.beta.photobucket.com/user/aermotor8/library/AERMOTOR/models

and a video


Very nice Chuck! So what's the status of the other two?



I wouldn't worry about him hopefully he will find a young lady who will appreciate the important things in life ;).

After all there is nothing more enjoyable than being able to share a passion with your partner :embarassed:, as for building model engines it is  totally irresistible :Love:, how could anyone think otherwise.


I wouldn't worry either.
Making engines can last a lifetime.
Chasing girls shouldn't.
Catch the right one and like Jo says, share the interests.


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