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Borderer Piston valve version

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Team ricky:
Hi chaps,

This one should be interesting 🤨

A little bit bigger than my previous projects , all castings seem to be present and correct.

Building the piston valve version for super heated steam and rc use , also got a great new idea on how to fit the water pump in a space efficient way !

Michael S.:
It looks like this is going to make a nice steam engine for a model boat. I'll be happy to watch.


(The castings look good)

Team ricky:
I sure hope to do the project justice :)

The castings are very good indeed ! I think the only two jobs I cant manage on my set up is the cylinder bores and crank shaft

Just due to equipment size and Id choose a stainless crankshaft , other than that all other operations I can manage ..

Michael S.:
I found your engine in a somewhat older catalog and there are references to several editions from the model engineer. Maybe you can get help there.


The crankshaft could be built up from pieces if you can't manage a solid one.

Mounting the cylinder on it's side to a lathe cross slide and using a between centres boring bar would work if you can't set it up on a faceplate.


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