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Hoglet camshaft


Hi I am after some advice on the camshaft for the hoglet. I am a bit unsure on following the method published by running a boring head in reverse as my boring head has threaded shank and donít trust. I have just made a set of cams for my current project a Wyvern using a set of camcalc offsets using a dividing head. The problem I have is when I input the data into camcalc they donít look correct.
Has anybody used the camcalc for the hoglet. If so could I trouble you for a copy please 🙏

Just grind a tool so you can run the boring head forwards, that is how I did mine. You will probably have to make the tool anyway as a standard one will hit the adjoining cams.

Art K:
I have made a few cams with CamCalc my last engine I set it up to run in CNC. I have always used an end mill, just make sure it will clear anything in it's path. Don't have to move the X axis at all. Just set the Z0 at the base circle diameter. I have always done 2 passes 180 degrees to calculate the diameter then set the Z0 from that. I did mine in 2 degree increments so there was virtually no clean up, just the edges. CamCalc should give you a table raise Z for each pass in Y axis, usually around half is the base circle diameter, which is Z0. I haven't made a hoglet but I have done Upshur's vertical single and Val.

Found my photos of the cutter, just an old ctr drill ground to shape and fitted into a bit of 1/2" bar with a grub screw to retain the cutter

Hi Jason
Thank you for the images that makes that process much clearer.


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