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Deutz D2 vertical Gas Engine (1895) from Castings

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Hy,my Name ist Pirmin and i am an Austrian Model Engineer,and i would Like to share my Engine build with you.

A few years ago i Fell in Love with the Deutz D2 often simple refered as "Otto".
Mr Heinz Kornmüller from Austria did a fascinating Job and layed the foundation for this Modell. The Castings are now distributed via the Engineers Emporium ltd.in UK and the Castings are Made of a very good Quality Cast Iron and weight aprox. 9kg. The Drawings are Metric and are 99% ident with the Original Drawings from Mr. Kornmüller,they are Just revised. I also ordered a Name Plate Set with the engine and the EE sent me almost all the Barstock i need for the Build.

Now i have to say: a few of the Details on this build will be altered from me with the Help of Mr.Otto,for example the pendulum Swing Mechanism on the Governor was Not perfect for my Taste,so that was one of the First Thing i want ed to be solved,and thats also one reason why i will build this engine in a different approach,i will make all the small parts First,all toleramces are Hit within +-5 microns,some are even Better.

I will Go into Detail whenever i can,but please understand,i cant Picture every single compoment seperate.

Lets start with a few Pictures of the Castings i got,and a few Pictures of small parts i already Made.

Also the Gas Mixer was finished Yesterday ,only the Swing arm and weight are Missing .

Cheers Pirmin and Parts Inspektor Sniffles

Here now some of the components and parts wich i have already fabricated so far:

Link rod ends,Link rods,Bearing Block for Rocker assembly and Rocker Arms,Gas Mixer and Governor Mechanism etc etc

Greetings from Vienna

Pirmin j. Kogleck  :cheers:

Here the Gas Mix Valve in Details ,also a few parts of the Peck arm assembly ,Here you can See my Modifications where i got Help from Mr :cheers:.Otto from Idaho.

Thanks Dave by the Way  :cheers:

Dave Otto:
Hi Pirmin

I glad to see that you decided to go ahead and share your build here on MEM!
The finish on your parts is superb and the photos are excellent as well.
I'm looking forward to seeing the continued progress on your Otto.


Very nice work, Pirmin!  :ThumbsUp: :popcorn: :popcorn:

Your craftsmanship on the parts is amazing! Looking forward to following your build.



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