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Hallo one and all.

I am very interested in diesel engines. I have read multiple articles on true diesels needing atomization of the fuel and very high pressures to ignite. Then I have read articles on compression ignition with fuels like ether  that combust at lower pressures but the fuel is hard to come by because legalities and lack of interest etc. I want to build a compression ignition engines. Stationary horizontal type engines. I am planing on doing a few steam engines first, possibly a few hit and miss types. I eventually want to build a replica of an engine that my uncle had on his farm, a National Gas and Oil engine. I am just wondering what other easily come by fuels are there that can be used instead which don't need to be atomized and don't require such high pressures.

Any thoughts and ideas?

Thank you

I'm making a National Gas engine at the moment, have it on a vapour carb and vapour tank that uses regular pump petrol. No Pressure and no atomising

With a change of carb it would run fine on liquid petrol or as I prefer Colemans fuel (camping stove fuel) No pressure and the carb easily atomises the fuel

Change of valve and swapping out the spark plug for a hot tube it should run OK on propane, propane tank ha sit's own pressure so no pump needed and as it is a gas no atomising needed

Bit more fiddling about and it could be made to run on paraffin (kerosine) but I have another set of castings for a Robinson Oil engine that will be set up to run that along with hot tube ignition. Fuel flows under gravity and the heat of the engine vapourises the liquid.

Thank you

Model "diesel" engines have been around a long time.  See for newer conversions.

Lohring Miller

Have you looked into model aircraft diesel fuels?  They are readily available on-line, shipping to your location might be expensive though.


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