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Hello from Conesus NY USA

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I am just another retired guy that thinks he wants to play machinist.  My job history was electronics repair followed by software development followed by software project management.  When they offered a buyout I took the money and ran 7 years ago.

I have a Logan 200 lathe that I recently acquired and an Enco bench mill that is very similar to the Grizzly G0755.  Before that I had a 6x18 Craftsman lathe for the last 30-35 years that got used occasionally to make plastic parts to fix the dishwasher rollers and such.  My experience level is low but being improved quickly by taking a couple manual machining courses at Monroe Community College in Rochester NY.  In NY it is free to audit the courses at state schools if you are over 60 and they like to have older people in the classes.  I have a PM Research steam engine kit on the shelf that my parents gave me for Christmas at least 30 years ago.  I looked at it and rapidly decided I didn't have the skills.  I probably have the skills now that I have been taking the classes.

I found this forum when I saw a ML Midge build on Facebook.  That builder pointed me at the plans and I went looking for build logs and videos on the Midge.  I found one thread from 2017 here on the ML Midge that ended with a post that the plans had errors so I will be looking for plans for a similar simple diesel engine.  I have sent a PM to the person that was building the ML Midge.


Hi Dave, welcome to the forum from another  retired guy in WNY. Also went to MCC before RIT.

Welcome to MEM, Dave!

Art K:
Welcome aboard! MEM is a good source of info for just about anything. I there is always someone with experience in any subject.

Hi Dave,
Welcome to the forum!


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