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1/4 Union cones in USA

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Hi All,

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. Im looking for a supplier of 1/4 union cones (solder nipples) in the USA. PM Research has sizes but not 1/4. Ive searched around a lot and cant find any - maybe named differently. I could make them but would prefer to buy if possible.

Appreciate any help


Smaller solder on ones (up to 4mm) are out there, but only things I've seen for 1/4" and above are the slip on compression fitting rings, which could always be soldered in place.

Same here.  I've only seen the olives for compression type fittings, not the solder on nipples for sale.

Hope you can find them!

These items were discussed several years ago on another forum. Most people said they made their own or had a friend with a lathe make some. But I recall there was a New York City firm mentioned that specialized in repairing coffee and espresso machines that had them. Might be worth a google search using "espresso pipe nipples soldered" or something like that. Good luck!  :cheers:

(If you cant find any, I do know there are a few places in UK you can get them, original purpose for old car repairs. MG used them on some cars. But shipping may be costly from UK)

Plenty of the UK model engineering suppliers do them either called nipples or ferrules. We us ehem a lot more than the US which likes it's threaded pipe and fittings. Which may be why they are available stateside under 4mm as the threaded fittings start at 3/16

If it is just a few you need they are not hard to make.


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