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Hello from UK

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Hi all , I have been building model boats for a number of years and have always wanted to make a working steam engine & boiler for a Clyde Puffer I have .
This is really my first step in gathering some info on how to proceed.
Iím aware that this will not happen overnight and I have plenty to learn .
Hopefully once Iím familiar with the forum set up I will be able to read and learn from older posts and find out what is required to do this ie tooling and best practice going forward.
Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated..


Welcome, John!
This is a great place to learn about making steam engines and boilers.  We have several members who have done just that!


Dave Otto:
Welcome to MEM John!


Welcome to the group! A number here are boat modelers  too, looking forward to seeing  it come together.

Hello John, and welcome!


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