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Hi from Scotland

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Hello All
I am retired up in Scotland after spending 30 odd years in New Zealand returning to the UK in 2006 I'm an apprentice trained mechanical engineer so have a few skills I hope.

I am 90% through building a 5" gauge Britannia which can only be described now as a scratch build using Norman Spink & Perrier drawings and later Doug Hewson drawings as I have probably use all of their castings being on my model.
So yes it is very well detailed I think  :)

I have a very well equipped workshop with Myford Super 7 with quick change gearbox, power cross slide and DRO. A Vertical mill with electric drives to the bed and a DRO.

Love the hobby but wish I had someone of similar interests up here in Argyll to chew the fat with so to speak. Hence my reaching out to you guys and this site as I really miss my model club association and help.

Look forward to hearing and seeing more of what goes on here.....I am currently an avid reader of Steve's Britannia build am awesome site and an inspiration to me certainly.
All the best

Roger B:
Welcome to the Forum  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:

Plenty of people to talk to on here  :)

Thanks Roger
Hope to get to know other people in due course and maybe pick a few brains haha

Hi Mike,
Welcome to the forum!  Yeah, we love to talk about machining!  ;D

You should post the work your doing on your Britania.  That would be fun to see  :ThumbsUp:


Just trying to attach a photo of my loco, afraid its a couple of years old


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