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Hi, everyone, I live in North Central Ohio. I love these small engines and have looked around the forum. I have learned that I'm way out of my abilities. Really like your work and attention to detail.
I do a little metal casting and hope to cast some parts and build a small simple engine. We'll see how it goes.

Welcome to the group!  Small simple engines are the way to start, we all did!

Arguably, the lack of useful references on castings means that building engines from castings is more difficult than building from barstock.

A good place to start with barstock designs is the engines designed by Elmer Verburg.  A complete pdf of his now out of print book of plans can be viewed and downloaded here...


Even if you decide to not build one of his designs, looking through the book will be both educational and inspirational.

Number 19 (Standby) was the first engine I completed (second started).

There are plenty of folks here anxious to help others, myself included.  Don't hesitate to ask questions; it's one of the friendliest fora on the web.  Good luck.

Roger B:
Welcome to the Forum  :ThumbsUp:  :ThumbsUp:

Start making an engine, there are plenty of people on here to help  :)

Hi Jammer!
Welcome to the forum!  I agree with Marv, bar stock is probably an easier place to start.  But Casting or bar stock, I'm looking forward to seeing what you start with.     There are people here who have experience with making castings (I'm not one of them) but I'm sure they'll be willing to offer you help if that's the path that interests you.

Best of luck!


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