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Warrior Double acting twin cylinder steam engine from castings

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steam guy willy:
I am now starting on a new engine ..the Warrior double acting  twin cylinder vertical steam engine W7 I bought these castings a few years ago with the plans. I have the instructions from E T Westbury that appeared in the 1949  Vol 100 model engineer magazines.  I think there is one casting missing and there was no bar stock , so this a new project and I will have to think about the actual construction but should be able to find similar videos from other people that have made similar models....?

So feeling better but still not 100% so this'll be a lengthy build..


steam guy willy:
Here are the pics...

Looks like a great project Willy!  Good to see you back playing in the shop too.   :popcorn:

steam guy willy:
Hi Chris , thanks and yes ..I have had these castings for a long time and it seems like a good build to get back into model engineering ,  albeit slowly. my hands have also got quite soft and tender ?!!!

Nice set of castings, Willy!  I'll be following along.  :popcorn: :popcorn:



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